CPR Instructor

The CPR Instructor program is designed to teach participants the fundamentals of teaching Basic Life Support or Heartsaver CPR to a variety of audiences. The program offers a lifetime instructorship through the American Heart Association. Successful completion of this course allows the participant to teach CPR and offer AHA course completion cards to lay rescuers and healthcare professionals.

It is a requirement to complete the Instructor essentials before coming to our course. You must bring your CPR card and online completion certificate to the course for your classroom session. This course is a DVD based CORE Instructor program, with a classroom session detailing administrative policies, the practice-while-watching system, and other logistics of training.

Lastly, students must be monitored for a student teaching at a live program under the supervision of a faculty member.

Students must be certified in CPR (either Heartsaver or BLS for Healthcare Providers) through the American Heart Association prior to taking this course.

Call 1-800-497-6732 to reserve your seat. Seats are limited.

Cost of Course: $275.00

Month Date Location Course Type Course Cost Seats Left
January 1/18 Worcester CPR Instructor $275 15
February 2/13 Beverly CPR Instructor $275 14
March 3/22 Taunton CPR Instructor $275 16
April 4/25 N. Attleboro CPR Instructor $275 17
May 5/15 Hanover CPR Instructor $275 20
June 6/14 Carver CPR Instructor $275 18
July 7/12 Worcester CPR Instructor $275 22
August 8/21 Carver CPR Instructor $275 25
September 9/20 Wellesley CPR Instructor $275 25
October 10/22 Hanover CPR Instructor $275 25
November 11/12 Carver CPR Instructor $275 23
December 12/11 Taunton CPR Instructor $275 25

We need to receive this application 48 hours before the program starts. Class will begin promptly at 9AM at the listed campus.

Click the link above. Save and Print the file.

National EMS Institute is an Accredited EMT Training Institution by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Service National EMS Institute reserves the right to change course location in order to better serve their students.