Refund & Transfer Policies

National EMS Institute Inc. has established this Refund & Transfer Policy to help students understand their options in the event that a course of training refund or transfer is requested.

Refund Policy
A student will receive:

  • 100% refund up to 14 days prior to the first class date.
  • 50% refund up to 7 days prior to the first class date.
  • There is no refund 6 days prior to the first class date.
  • Refunds will be returned within 30 days from the first class date.

    To officially withdraw from one of our courses, students must send a certified letter within the withdrawal deadlines listed to receive any kind of refund. We do not issue a refund for your $250 deposit. The refunds listed above are for additional amounts paid other than your deposit.

    To qualify for a 100% refund of tuition minus the $250 deposit, a student must officially withdraw no later than 14 days prior to the start of their course. To qualify for a 50% refund of tuition minus the $250 deposit, a student must officially withdraw no later than 7 days prior to the start of the course. There will be no refunds 6 days prior to the course start date.

    Official Withdrawal
    To qualify for the refund levels defined above, a student must officially withdraw from the course they are enrolled in. This can be done by submitting the following information within the timeframe identified above.

  • 1. Letter of request for refund, explicitly stating the reason for withdrawal.
  • 2. The name of the NEI course or training in which you are withdrawing.
  • 3. The amount paid for the course.
  • 4. The date payment was made for the course.
  • 5. Acknowledgement that a $250.00 enrollment processing fee is not available for refund.
  • This must be sent to the National EMS Institute Headquarters in Carver, MA and must be postmarked 15 or 8 days prior to the first day of the training. This letter must come by United States Postal Service using a certified letter. The letter can be address to:

  • National EMS Institute Inc.
  • 90 Main St.
  • Carver, MA 02330
  • Transfer Policy
    Course transfers are possible based on availability and must be made no later than 7 days prior to the original course booked.

    Transfer Cost:
    A $250 transfer fee will be assessed with the transfer from any of our Boot Camp or Fast Track courses into the next available course only. If the second course costs more than the first, the student is responsible for the price difference.

    Failing out of a Program:
    A one time $250 transfer will be assessed with any transfer to Boot Camp or Fast Track courses.

    Hybrid Transfers:
    A student who wishes to transfer out of a hybrid course and into a physical course must pay a $250 transfer fee plus the difference of the listed course price. There will be no transfers from a hybrid course to another hybrid course.

    **The transfer policy is only allowed once; after that, full payment for the course will be due to enroll in that course. Refunds will not be issued for a transfer fee.

    National EMS Institute is an Accredited EMT Training Institution by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Service National EMS Institute reserves the right to change course location in order to better serve their students.

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