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Educating and Employing Experts in Emergency Medical Care


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National EMS Institute Inc.


Here, you'll learn about the Emergency Medical Care profession and the skills you need to acquire in order to become part of the medical team.

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When an accident occurs or an earthquake hits, the public relies on the dependability and knowledge of experts who are trained to manage the crisis and get them the help they need.

At National EMS Institute Inc., we prepare our students, like you, to care for the sick or injured in an emergency setting often with people’s lives depending on you.

    • National EMS Institute Inc. offers 5 certifications in addition to your course completion certification. Find out more by clicking the EMT Boot Camp Tab above!
    • National EMS Institute Inc. is an Accredited EMT Training Institute by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services.
    • National EMS Institute Inc. offers the unique opportunity to practice actual mock calls on board our Training Simulation ambulance. This provides a real world approach to active learning, and has proven effective as seen in our extremely high pass rates.
    • The EMT-Basic programs here meet, and in fact exceed, the National Training Standard, thus preparing students to sit for the National Registry Exam.
    • National EMS Institute Inc. provides a real world approach to active learning. Training, both lecture based and hands-on practical, takes place in modern facilities with up to date equipment, experienced instructors, our SIM-MAN and our Training Simulation Ambulance and Apartment!!
    • State exam preparation-Open door practice policy, where our students can attend other lectures and Practice on equipment in between practical and written exams.
    • 99% Job Placement Assistance for our passing students

Class size is limited and seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis so if you are interested in these programs, please review the attached application and return it as soon as possible, with you preferred course circled, to ensure your placement in the class. If you have any questions, please call our enrollment center at 1-800-497-6732 or contact us by email at

  • 18 Day Boot Camp-Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm, 300 Tremont Street in Carver, MA.
  • Raynham evening FAST TRACK: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6pm – 10pm at 283 New State Hwy in Raynham, MA and includes 4 Saturday courses.
  • Carver evening FAST TRACK; Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6pm – 10pm at 300 Tremont Street in Carver, MA with 4 Saturdays included in those two months.
Schedule Training Rate
3/24-4/16 April 2014 “18 Day Boot Camp” SOLD OUT
4/15-5/31 6 Week Norton “Fast Track” SOLD OUT
4/28-5/21 May 2014 “18 Day Boot Camp” $1400
5/19-7/22 Summer Carver “Fast Track” $975
5/27-6/19 June 2014 “18 Day Boot Camp” $1600
6/30-7/24 July 2014 “18 Day Boot Camp” $1800
8/4-8/27 Aug. 2014 “18 Day Boot Camp” $1600
9/2-9/25 Sept. 2014 “18 Day Boot Camp” $1400
10/6-10/29 Oct. 2014 “18 Day Boot Camp” $1200
11/3-12/2 Nov. 2014 “18 Day Boot Camp” $1200
12/15-1/9 Dec. 2014 “16 Day Boot Camp” $1800

*National EMS Institute Inc. reserves the right to change course dates and locations to better serve their students.

At National EMS Institute there are many ways to pay for our innovative programs.


National EMS Institute accepts Cash, Credit, Debit, and Checks. (Checks not available for initial deposit)


National EMS Institute offers in-house payment arrangements for their students. No credit check required! Payment arrangements can be set up at our main campus or by calling our office or, call an enrollment specialist for more information. 1-800-497-6732

Financing now available through PayPal’s Bill Me Later. 0% Interest for 6 months! Paying for your EMT Course has never been so easy! Click the banner below to apply.

CPR Training


This could save someone's life! Learn to act fast and execute CPR during emergencies. Get your training today.

Join our 18 Day Boot Camp at National EMS Institute Inc.Click Here

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