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National EMS Institute has dedicated this area to a student for Frequently Asked Questions and other helpful links.

For Blended or Hybrid students, some frequently asked questions are as follows:

  • Where are the e-books found?
    • End of each chapter in the form of a green star.
  • What is each assignment worth?
    • Exams are worth 30%, posts-tests, the final exam, and forums are worth 20%, and homework (EMT Interactive) and e-book quizzes are worth 5%.
  • When are weekly assignments due?
    • Every Monday night at 11:59 pm.
  • What to do if I can’t get a hold of someone?
    • Just keep moving forward with the lectures and readings so you don’t just stop.
  • How many extensions are allowed?
    • 2 total, meaning you can extend 2 assignments throughout the course.
  • Is the e-book different from the lecture?
    • Yes, the e-book and audiobook are the same. One gives you the option to listen, and the other allows you to read and complete knowledge checks as you read. The lecture is something separate from the e-book and audiobook, so it is required.
  • Can we move ahead if we finish early?
    • You can move forward with your e-book, e-book quizzes, audiobook, and lectures you will need to wait for the post-tests and section exams to open to complete those.
  • I purchased the physical text. Do I still need to launch the e-book?
    • Yes, the e-book houses knowledge checks and e-book quizzes.
  • Do I have to answer the knowledge checks in the e-book?
    • No, the knowledge checks are optional, but they are beneficial, and we encourage students to utilize all study tools.

Interactive Lecture Guidance:

  • Please be sure you have a recent version of Adobe Flash. Older, outdated versions of this program can cause functionality issues.
  • Avoid using Android and Chromebook devices to launch the lessons. These devices are not supported, and your progress is not guaranteed to be tracked.
  • It is important to complete all of the slides in the lesson, including the last slide. If you close the lesson before completing the final slide, your grade will not be reported to the grade book.
  • If you need to step away from your computer, be sure to close the lesson you are working on. Closing the lesson ensures that the program “bookmarks” your spot and enables you to return to that slide when you are ready. If you do not close the lesson before taking a break, your progress in the lesson may not be recorded.
  • When attempting the quiz at the end of the lesson, this must be completed in one session. If you leave during the quiz, the entire lesson will need to be completed again to ensure scoring.
  • You should only open one lesson at a time. Your progress will not be tracked if you have more than one lesson open at a time.
  • While participating in the EMT Interactive Lecture, if you have the eBook open in a tab, your lecture score will not record.

While participating in an Interactive Lecture, you need to keep the Navigate 2 course open. Closing the main Navigate 2 launch page while you are taking an interactive lecture will result in lost data. The lecture will open in a new tab. The previous page will always display an ‘Incomplete’ when opening the lecture, whether you are reviewing the lecture or starting a new attempt.

How to certify:

After the completion of your EMT course, you will receive a “Course approval number” this will be located in your course end packet that will be administered either the last day of class

NREMT Initial Entry application and Registration:

NREMT Registration

National EMS Institute is State accredited through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Technicians and the State of Rhode Island Department of Public Health. NEI hosts nationally accredited training courses through the NREMT. National EMS Institute, Inc. reserves the right to change course times and locations to serve our students better.
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