EMT Blended Fast Track

Here at National EMS Institute we realize changing or enhancing your career can be challenging! Don’t let timing get in the way. We have created a 6 week Blended Fast Track course that allows students to complete the didactic portion of the EMT course online while only coming to campus for hands on practical training. This program incorporates interactive powerpoints, video checkpoints, online exams, and even test prep! When you come to class for practical training, you will be met by knowledgeable Instructors who will show you the tricks of the trade and prepare you to pass the State Practical exam.

Beverly EMT Blended Fast Track 

Wellesley EMT Blended Fast Track

Taunton EMT Blended Fast Track

N. Attleboro EMT Blended Fast Track

Springfield EMT Blended Fast Track

National EMS Institute is State accredited through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Technicians and the State of Rhode Island Department of Public Health. NEI hosts nationally accredited training courses through the NREMT and operates under a Letter of Review from CoAEMSPs. National EMS Institute, Inc. reserves the right to change course times and locations to serve our students better.