Budgeting for a New or Advanced Career

Are you looking to advance your career? 

Looking for a change of careers?

Worried you can’t afford it?

Did you know the average American aged 18-34 is spending approximately $25 per week on coffee and similar drinks.1  That’s an incredible $100+ per month.  Or over $1200 per year.  That is almost the full cost of an investment in your future so for the cost of your daily coffees you could be investing in a new career or advancing your existing career by pursuing an EMT certification.

National EMS Institute is more affordable than you think.  You have options for making the cost fit your budget.  Did you know that you can make frequent payments ahead of time so that your course will be paid for before it begins?  You can!  Just enroll in a course that starts in a few months, the call and make periodic payments and by the time your start date rolls around your course will be paid for.  No worries.  Perhaps you don’t have that much time to plan ahead, you still have options.

National EMS Institute also accepts PayPal payments.  PayPal has a line of credit program called PayPal Credit.  PayPal Credit is a reusable line of credit available on purchases at millions of merchants that accept PayPal including NEI.  This program offers NO INTEREST for 6 months if paid in full for purchase over $99.2  Just apply for the credit with PayPal, then use your credit line to pay for your course.  Now your course is paid for and all you have to do is make the required monthly payments to PayPal.

Another option is a loan through Sweet Pay.  SweetPay is a loan program that offers affordable loan programs to everyone regardless of your credit score.  Terms and interest rates are sent by its lenders.  SweetPay has teamed up with various lending partners offering attractive personal loan programs regardless of your credit situation. You just complete one simple form and the lending partners will evaluate your application to determine if they can make loan offers to you.3  Then you can use the proceeds from the SweetPay loan to pay for your course.

National EMS Institute also offers our students an in-house payment plan option.  For a small service fee, students can budget the cost of the course over the first few weeks of the course.  The service fee varies depending on the course.  This option is available for all our EMT Basic, Advanced and Paramedic courses.  The payment plan allows a student to spread the cost of the course over 3-10 payments, the duration of the payment plan depends on the length of the course on the plan.

We at National EMS Institute want to do whatever we can to support our students.  We understand that this is a huge financial commitment for many of our students and strive to do what we can to help out.

Contributor: Jill Quinn


1  https://www.thecultureist.com/2012/01/26/how-much-do-americans-spend-on-coffee/

2  https://www.paypal.com/ppcreditapply/da/us/lander?guid=9I4VCP0C

3  https://apply.sweetwaytopay.com/vysfpiczoplsdjpuxcijqcoffgtxxqvuzomucbcylgoowvxmal

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