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Did you know? Scholarships do exist for EMT training!

The 2020 Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic is growing and looks to follow us right into 2021. We are all adjusting to a new normal. Wearing masks and social distancing are now a part of everyday life. Unfortunately, so are unemployment, furloughs and...

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EMS is not easy…

EMS is not easy... Emergency Medical Services is not for everyone. When most people run away from danger, we run towards and into the threat. Many times, we find our scene has turned from a safe zone to a “hot zone” in a heartbeat. When you...

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National EMS Institute is State accredited through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Technicians and the State of Rhode Island Department of Public Health. NEI hosts nationally accredited training courses through the NREMT and operates under a Letter of Review from CoAEMSPs. National EMS Institute, Inc. reserves the right to change course times and locations to serve our students better.