Did you know? Scholarships do exist for EMT training!

The 2020 Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic is growing and looks to follow us right into 2021. We are all adjusting to a new normal. Wearing masks and social distancing are now a part of everyday life. Unfortunately, so are unemployment, furloughs and layoffs. Are you looking for a new career as an EMT or paramedic or other related position in the EMS field? Are you excited and motivated to attend a training program but find that this specialized education is beyond your reach financially? Did you know that there are many scholarships out there?

Scholarships are free money! They do not have to be repaid; they are not loans. Someone out there has $$$ to give away! YOU just have to find it and apply. If you are approved and granted a scholarship or grant you can use those funds to help defray the cost of EMT school or Paramedic School or other EMS related trainings. Some of these scholarships are available for the full cost of a program, others cover a part of the course fees. Some are available to ALL students; some are for specific counties or towns. Google is your friend; Siri will help when you ask. Get searching!

Here are a few examples that I found:

There are so many more out there, all you have to do is look!

National EMS Institute is committed to meet the challenges of its students throughout the pandemic, and in spite of it sometimes.  As we all adjust to the new normal of wearing masks and social distancing, know that expanding your personal knowledge and pursuing new educational opportunities and new careers are not impossible.  With the unemployment rate continuing to rise along with the numbers of Covid-19 cases nationwide, perhaps now is the time to pursue a new dream of becoming an EMT.  You can become an EMT and follow your dreams.

Contributor: Jill Quinn


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