Some see a weed…

Some see a weed, some see a wish, but I see magic that can change the world…

With everything going on in the world today, it’s easy to fall into that negative thought process and be disappointed in people. But I’m here to tell you that how you look at things can really make a difference…even in your darkest hours.

Most people think of dandelions as pesky weeds that are never ending. They seem to be everywhere, growing through the smallest of concrete gaps, and resilient to the nimblest of fingers. You finish mowing and the very next day they magically appear in full bloom! These flowers are resilient, a garden warrior if you will.

I can remember the first time my son picked a handful of dandelions. He was full of confidence as he brought me this bouquet of flowers. They were perfect and came to reside in my best vase and placed on the dinner table. My son was so proud to share with his Dad how these flowers came to be on the table.

As they began to turn into spherical seed heads, my son was disappointed and apologized that the flowers had “gone bad”. I smiled as I carefully took the vase and led him outside to sit on the grass. I told him that the flowers had not gone bad but had turned to magic. And the best part of this was that now we could share this magic! I gave him one, told him to make a wish and then gently blow on the flower. He gasped and watched in amazement as the wind gently guided his wishes up to the sky. He asked if his wish would really come true. I said that most wishes needed a little help, so that it was important to make sure his wishes where always true of heart. He looked up to the sky; and, I could tell he was thinking hard about what I just said. Then, he picked another flower from the vase. He turned to his dog and he whispered, “Your heart is true so your wish will be magic, and I’ll help it come true.” Tears formed in my eyes as I watched the two of them turning those warrior dandelions into magic. It is one of my favorite memories.

In life, we all work hard for success and then that garden dandelion warrior will challenge you. You will have two choices. You can feel negative, defeated, and disappointed, or you can be positive and see an opportunity that could magically change your life.

For me, the choice is easy, I see magic in the world every day, it just needs a gentle wish to be guided up to the sky.

Contributor: L’Easa Blaylock Paramedic, MSEMS

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