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Gear Up!

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Vantage Point Tactical is National EMS Institute’s official student store! VPT as the team calls it, is located at 90 Main Street in Carver directly inside our headquarters.

Although student uniforms are our main priority because we’re making dreams come true, VPT actually sells an immense variety of products! For example, you’ll find sunglasses, jackets, rain boots, trauma sheers, duffle bags (big and small), t-shirts (for all ages and sizes), belts, hats (for all seasons), flasks, socks, and MORE!

If you’re new to the first responder world or are a seasoned vet you’re sure to find something useful and unique at VPT!

Did I mention you can SHOP ONLINE! That’s right, you can shop online or even on FACEBOOK. It is not unusual for the team to post-auction items online at seriously discounted rates! Not too long ago someone snagged a pair of socks, sunglasses, and a t-shirt for only $15! HOW CRAZY!

Be sure to like and follow VPT on Facebook and pin to your favs so you can grab the latest deals on practical and cool first responder apparel.

Contributor: Ashley Orander, Dir of CPR

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